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Up-sizing / Down-sizing Components

Upsizing Injection Components

It is possible to increase the capacity of an injection unit without replacing the entire unit. This modification can usually be done at a much lower cost than buying a new injection unit. The main factors to look at in deciding whether an upsizing is feasible are the capacities of the existing hydraulic system, the design of the barrel, and the resins to be processed. When an injection unit is upsized, the barrel is modified, and a new screw, valve and endcap are installed.


Downsizing Injection Components

Sometimes you may wish to downsize an injection unit. This need usually arises when you want to produce a part with a shot size that is much smaller than the injection molding machine’s shot capacity. In such a case, residence time of the material in the barrel may be excessive. When an injection unit is downsized, a new barrel, screw, valve and endcap are needed.

Under some circumstances, it may be possible to use the existing barrel. We take special care to ensure that the new barrel has adequate strength to offset the higher injection pressures that may result from downsizing.

If upsizing or downsizing is something that interests you, contact our professional sales team today to learn more about available options.

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