Windsor Feedscrews

Windsor Feedscrews Inc.

Production Capabilities

  At Windsor Feedscrews, we offer a complete line of plasticating and rubber components for OEM manufactures and processors. We specialize in the manufacturing, repair, and rebuilding of screws and barrels for a variety of industries including plastics, rubber, food and many more. We are thoroughly committed to meeting all of your needs with the quality you’ve come to expect from Windsor Feedscrews. We offer a complete range of screws, barrels, and front-end components and are large enough to handle the most complex designs in sizes up to 7.5 meters (25 feet) in length by 30 centimeters (12 inches) in diameter.

Using computer aided machining equipment we are able to exactly replicate designs, ensuring that the feed screws and barrels that you receive are built (or repaired) to exact specifications, guaranteeing a successful fitting or refitting to your equipment. Regardless of the size of the component that you order, we understand that precision and quality are needed to keep your manufacturing operation running smoothly with little downtime.

Weingartner Machinenbau CNC using whirling to cut a 3.50 inch 32/1 davis standard feed screw.