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Twin Screws

Twin screws extruders are positive-pumping devices that differ significantly in both construction and operation from a single screw. Twin screws are mostly used with heat and shearing sensitive polymers, while some are designed to provide intensive mixing in kneading sections or to transport the melt through zones held under vacuum where volatile solvents or chemical reactions can be drawn from. Twin screws are also good compounders, as it is possible to introduce a highly reactive or catalyst materials into the melt at a point close to the exit end of the machine.

There are many variations in the design of twin screws. Twin screw may be co-rotating or counter-rotating; the screw flight may or may not be intermeshing; and the screw diameter, though usually constant throughout, may have a conical form. 

Whether you require a co-rotating or counter rotating intermeshing twin screws, the type of design you choose will depend on your performance requirements needs. Here at Windsor Feedscrews, we can manufac

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