Windsor Feedscrews Inc.

The community of Windsor, Ontario has a long and proud history of supplying the finest tooling and technical support to manufacturers world-wide. It is from this community that Windsor Feedscrews took its name when it first opened.

In the intervening years the technology that powers the industry had undergone tremendous changes.  In response  to this, Windsor Feedscrews has made a strong commitment to searching out and adopting the latest process improvements available in order to best serve its customers.

Time Line



Great Lakes Feed Screws (now known as Glycon Corporation) closed its Windsor, Ontario operation and moved all production to its Tecumseh, Michigan facility. This move afforded Mile Ostojic and Henry Andres, two former employees of Great Lakes Feed Screws, the opportunity to purchase the building and assets and establish Windsor Feedscrews Inc.  



Windsor Feedscrews purchased a Weingartner CNC Whirling/Milling Machine. Weingartner machines are synonymous with quality and helped to reinforce Windsor Feedscrews’ focus on quality. The whirling head cuts and shapes the feed screw while holding precise tolerances. Multiple cutters on the whirling head accelerate manufacturing time and combine several operations into one step. In addition to the whirling head, the milling head accurately cuts the shank and mixer to exact specifications. With the purchase of the Weingartner machine, also came WEINCAD SCREW DESIGNER® software. The best in industry software, WEINCAD offers accurate and precise programming and design capabilities.  



Windsor Feedscrews begins manufacturing twin screws. Twin screw extrusion is used extensively for mixing, compounding, or reacting polymeric materials. Our experience with twin screw manufacturing led us to develop a method to accurately and efficiently manufacture side feeders. 



Added an additional 5 ton crane capacity to increase production capabilities.  



 Windsor Feedscrews’ engineering team designed and custom built two polishing machines to improve screw finish and appearance, while also  increases the lubricity of the material to help improve shot size.  

After 15 years in business, Henry Andres retires from Windsor Feedscrews and Mile Ostojic remains as owner, along with his wife Verica Ostojic.




Windsor Feedscrews begins manufacturing rotors which are used to mix rubber components. 



 WFI purchased Shoptech’s E2 Shop System. E2 Shop System is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise system that puts total shop floor control at our fingertips. From quoting to shipping, the company is now able to accurately track our production process in real-time to better ensure our products are delivered to our customers on-time and to precise specifications.  



Windsor Feedscrews purchased the RMC 6000 CNC Feedscrew Machine. Part of the Phantom Series, this four axis CNC milling machine, was custom designed and manufactured specifically for Windsor Feedscrews and utilizes sophisticated technology that maximizes cutting time and material removal, all while maintaining a high quality finished surface.  



WFI purchased the RMC 6M CNC Lathe. This powerful lathe maintains precision turning even under heavy cutting loads all while upholding maximum torque speeds.  



Windsor Feedscrews is proud to celebrate its 20th Anniversary in business and looks forward to many more years of quality service and manufacturing.    



Marks the 25th Anniversary for Windsor Feedscrews, a celebration of success as bright and enduring as silver. With this silver anniversary, we look back on our 25 years in business and are proud of all our achievements. We would like to thank so many individuals that helped us achieve such wonderful success. It is because of all of you that we flourished beyond what we could have imagined.   



WFI purchased the STARWELD™ PTA Welding Systems. The STARWELD™ system is the world leader in quality and performance plasma welding. This system incorporates the latest generation of Omron servo motors and drives with MECHATROLINK-II high speed communication network. The operator’s pendant now features a 15” panel touchscreen with an Omron based operating system. With this new welding system, Windsor Feedscrews will be able to provide the highest levels of accuracy and reliability.