How it all began...


In 1990, Mile Ostojic, an employee of Great Lakes Feedscrews, encountered the opportunity of a lifetime when his employers decided to close their Windsor, Ontario plant and consolidate all production in Tecumseh, Michigan. A lifelong dream to own his own company had presented itself. As a long-time employee of Great Lakes, Mile had acquired an extensive knowledge of feed screw and barrel manufacturing. This combined with his relentless work ethic and the exacting standards to which he has always held for himself would form the building blocks of Windsor Feedscrews Inc.

While this was the chance of a lifetime, it was also the risk of a lifetime. As with most beginnings, things were not easy. Windsor Feedscrews began with one customer and a total workforce of four. While this may not have been the most ideal method to start a company, the quality of the products garnered vast recognition and helped grow the business.

From the beginning, Mile was a hands-on owner. His desire to be a business owner was not a desire to be a businessman. He has always regarded himself in the humblest of terms and believed in the value of hard work and keeping his word. This meant that he saw his role in Windsor Feedscrews as being directly involved in the manufacturing, working to ensure that all the products that were shipped meet the quality and delivery times that were promised to his customers. 

His commitment and dedication to the company he formed all those years ago has not wavered. As the workforce has grown and the customer list has expanded, not only has personal success been achieved, but lasting personal relationships have been formed as well.  Friendships with employees, customers, and suppliers have worked to reinforce for Mile the desire to work as hard today as he did when he first began. 

Mile Ostojic, president and owner of Windsor Feedscrews Inc.

Mile Ostojic, president and owner of Windsor Feedscrews Inc.