Windsor Feedscrews Inc. Oldcastle, Ontario Canada

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Windsor Feedscrews Inc.

At WFI, we take pride in offering our customers not only the best quality feed screws and barrels, but designs that are carefully done to your specifications using the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology ensuring that your feed screws and barrels will be built to your specifications. Windsor Feedscrews is a full service facility offering new, rebuilt or repair feed screws and barrels in sizes designed to meet all of your needs.

Windsor Feedscrews believes that to ensure the integrity of your products you need to have faith in the integrity of our products. We are committed to using the highest quality materials to eliminate your concern that your plasticating component will break down due to stress from improper manufacturing processes, low quality materials, or poor design. 

Windsor Feedscrews has continued their commitment to quality since we opened our doors in 1990. 

Windsor Feedscrews has never wavered in our commitment to provide the best possible products, manufacturing and customer service that you have come to expect from us.

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Additional Information


Windsor Feedscrews is a full service manufacturing facility specializing in the manufacturing, repair and rebuilding of screws, removable mixers, tips, end caps, nozzles, and a large variety of other specialized machining components, including augers, tie bars, twin screws, side feeders and rotors, just to mention a few. We can handle the most complex designs in sizes up to 12 inches in diameter by 295 inches in length.

Windsor Feedscrews is also a one-stop shop for its customers, with the ability to provide barrels, tips, end caps, feed housing, and a wide variety of machining component to service a wide variety of industries, including plastics extrusion, injection, and blow molding, as well as rubber processing, food and many more.


We also have the capacity and ability to do other kinds of manufacturing work. Our machining capabilities just to mention a few include CNC lathe work up to 20 inches diameter by 234 inches in length. Manual operated lathe work of 12 inches in diameter by 315 inches in length. Large cylindrical grinding up to 12 inches in diameter by 295 inches between centers. CNC 4 axis milling of 20 inches in diameter by 315 inches in length. We also have good capabilities on polishing and buffing jobs and a plasma arc welding machine for hard surfacing.



Windsor Feedscrews Inc.

WFI is located in Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada

Oldcastle is a small industrial park located just outside the city limits of Windsor, Ontario and approximately 12 kilometers away from Detroit Michigan.