Windsor Feedscrews, manufacturing, repair and rebuild feed screws and barrels

Windsor Feedscrews Inc.

Service Capabilities


Windsor Feedscrews is dedicated to serving the needs of each of our customers by continuously searching for efficiency improvements in the design and manufacturing processes. Our goal remains providing uncompromising quality coupled with a comprehensive application of effective cost controls. As a result, we are acutely aware of advances in technology and opportunities to improve our methodology. For our customers this means that projects are delivered to the tightest tolerances, on time and on budget.

We also have the capacity and ability to do a variety of machining work. Our machining capabilities just to mention a few include, CNC lathe work up to 20 inches diameter by 234 inches in length, manual operated lathe work of 12 inches in diameter by 315 inches in length, large cylindrical grinding up to 12 inches in diameter by 295 inches between centers, and CNC 4 axis milling of 20 inches in diameter by 315 inches in length. We also have strong capabilities on polishing and buffing jobs and a plasma arc welding machine for hard surfacing.