feed screws and barrels manufactured by Windsor Feedscrews

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Feed Screw and Barrel Rebuild / Repair

In certain circumstances, the option to repair or rebuild your existing screw or barrel may be the best option for you. At Windsor Feedscrews we offer various repair/rebuilding options which include:

Screw Rebuild/Repair

  • Rebuild the top of the flight with hard facing (Stellite & Colmonoy)
  • Repair the internal thread 
  • Repair the shank (drive section)
  • Repair the NPT thread 
  • Repair the removable nose 

Barrel Rebuild/Repair

  • Re-sleeve the stroke section or full length of the barrel with standard bimetallic, carbide or corrosion resistant liner
  • Repair the grooves within the barrel and on the feed housing section
  • Reline and repair the water jacket for a rubber processing barrels 
  • Pressure testing and acid flushing for rubber processing barrels
  • Press-out broken screw from barrel

Send us your screw or barrel and let our experienced quality control manger conduct an inspection today, to know where you stand! 

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Working on a budget and can't afford a new screw or barrel.  Contact Windsor Feedscrews and lets discuss if a repair services is possible.  Regardless if the job is a new or repair work, at Windsor Feedscrews we are committed to ensuring uncompromised quality is delivered to you.